Twitter Basically Hates Israel (#unfleek)

So, summing up Kim Kardashian (correctly) as a media whore may get you booted from Twitter, but simply being a terrorist is apparently enough to get you one of those creepy little fascist blue bird badges that are an insult to our feathered friends everywhere. By way of illustration:


Twitter’s pimping itself out to Hamas hasn’t gone over so well in Israel, apparently:


In the United States however, it’s another story. I noticed in this article from The Times of Israel, the paper refers to Hamas having an official Twitter account. Could that be true, that a group designated by the U.S. Department of State as a Foreign Terrorist Organization is given the freedom to communicate freely on Twitter?
I asked Twitter, and someone at that bastion of progressive thinking actually deigned to answer: yup, that’s basically accurate, the company’s  Policy Communications person confirmed. Hamas has an official Twitter account, and they’re totally down with that.
I suspect some idiots at Twitter, which is one of the lamest platforms ever invented, even think that’s pretty awesome.
Not at all clear, however, if the good people of Twitter know how to read.
To follow up, I asked how can Twitter justify providing a platform to a group designated by the Dept. of State as a known Foreign Terrorist Organization?
No response. Beyond the ethical fail of pandering to terrorists,  isn’t this sort of a violation of federal counterterrorism laws? I mean, it’s not like Hamas is an episode of the The Facts of Life: there’s no taking the good and the bad. I’ve lived in Israel. During two wars with Hamas. With Hamas, there is only the bad.
So I contacted the State Department. At first  their counterterrorism folks suggested I reach out to the Department of Justice, which I did, but they didn’t respond. And frankly, that State can’t come up with a more robust response than “In the United States, our approach is to strengthen and expand our ongoing voluntary collaboration and partnerships with private technology companies, who can counter terrorist content online by enforcing their terms of service” is pretty pathetic.
 I don’t think one has to be Israeli to realize how enabling a terrorist faction like Hamas on Twitter is, well, enabling a terrorist faction like Hamas on Twitter. That’s #PrettyBad.
So let’s make a loop, particularly for the dumbbells @Twitter who seem to be intentionally miseducating themselves—and who, I would wager, are in violation of federal law. You can get blocked by Twitter for satirizing a Kardashian, but if you pledge the destruction of a major American ally like Israel, celebrate hostage-taking and orchestrate terrorist attacks on men, women and children you get a little gold star, or in the case of Twitt-ster, a little lame blue bird badge. You are one happy terrorist camper!
Now folks, it really doesn’t matter what this or that company’s terms of service are in this context when they—as they themselves confirm—are knowingly providing a platform to known killers. Doing so while censuring and/or censoring free speech lite that doesn’t suit their own marketing aims and/or political agenda just throws salt on the wound.
What Twitter is doing is an insult to every Israeli, whether Jewish, Christian or Arab, and is also a national embarrassment.
Twitter should be censured for this openly illicit behavior, and furthermore the company should find an immediate replacement for their bearded and boneheaded CEO @Jack.
Not because Jack’s a jerk or because he’s anti-Semitic (though Twitter’s behavior can be construed as anti-Zionist, which is tantamount to anti-Semitism) or a coward because all that is quite besides the point: if a CEO fails basic responsibility to such an extent that he is actually endangering public safety—in Israel and elsewhere—he should probably be fired.
Which which give the dude some time for a decent shave and haircut.