Sonic Bloom? In Airline Audio Branding, Norwegian Leads the Way

In travel, sometimes it’s the most irritating experiences that turn out to be the most inspiring. Over about a 12-month stretch I found myself aboard more Norwegian Air Shuttle flights than I had planned on; but the routing and timing and reasonable fares added up to lots of Norwegian air time. I remember boarding one of the airline’s spanking new 787 Dreamliners at JFK. Okay … Continue reading Sonic Bloom? In Airline Audio Branding, Norwegian Leads the Way


Winter may be upon us,  but there’s still no place like Copenhagen. And there is a lot more to this Nordic beauty than its diminutive statue of a mermaid on a rock. The city is a compact metropolis that combines hip, modern design with old-fashioned Danish charm. Patrolling the patchwork of cobblestone streets and red brick buildings in its medieval center, for example, are dragons, a favored … Continue reading MY DANISH MODERNE

Go ahead, ruin your vacation

From the Parthenon to the pyramids, nothing conveys man’s imprint on the inexorable sweep of time like ancient ruins. Romantic, mysterious and more or less falling apart, they are the true thrillers of the traveler’s landscape. But the moody majesty of the Roman Forum or Acropolis is hardly secret. Even the deserted streets of Pompeii and rock-cut temples of Petra, in Jordan, draw big crowds. … Continue reading Go ahead, ruin your vacation