Things you notice in Athens at 5:35 in the morning on a semi-random Tuesday in August. Or maybe Wednesday. (at this hour, and in this jungle heat, who can say?) I say: I smell bread. I see a…seagull? That car is going way too fast. Not even an Alfa Romeo. Does a motorcycle really need to…

If You See a Rock Mound, Please Knock it Down

Because not only are they as odious as Oregon, they’re bad for the environment tambien. As we might have suspected. So please don’t be a ding-a-ling and build one of them things. And do read why here in Ling.

Lazio Circa 1987

Photo Courtesy Sony Pictures Classics. In the summer of 1987 I spent a number of weeks at an artist’s stone-walled villa on the shore of Lago di Bracciano, a volcanic lake outside Rome. You must understand that that world no longer exists. Except for maybe in video. To be continued