Okay Lindsay Lohan, You Can Go Home. Now.

Editor’s note: this overdue rant putting little Lindsay in her place, wherever that is, was originally meant for television, but the Internet lasts longer, and requires less make-up. Forget about the rumors of cocaine and drugs or the fact that that other egomaniac Oprah (putting yourself on the cover of every issue of your magazine? I mean…) probably isn’t on speed dial anymore. Wait, does speed … Continue reading Okay Lindsay Lohan, You Can Go Home. Now.

Pretty, right?

But travel isn’t always pretty. In the travel and hospitality industries there are certain observations that are chiefly expressed over drinks among colleagues or in other closed quarters: things like “the French are lousy tippers,” “Israelis are pushy” or “Americans are loud.” And while such findings may contain some elements of truth, does it mean brand-appropriate reaction to them can veer into actual discrimination? Continue reading Pretty, right?