The Iosian Diaries

Starring the long and odd swimming pool at Erego Beach Club! …and a statue that features a partial likeness of the island’s homegrown poet, Homer! …and water that looks like this! so without further a-blue, have yourself a read. And yeah, it might take a little while…what did you think this was, some kind of…


Things you notice in Athens at 5:35 in the morning on a semi-random Tuesday in August. Or maybe Wednesday. (at this hour, and in this jungle heat, who can say?) I say: I smell bread. I see a…seagull? That car is going way too fast. Not even an Alfa Romeo. Does a motorcycle really need to…

Blame it on Ios

“Ios is a party island.” “There is nothing to see or do on Ios.” “Oh yeah,  Ios: that’s where my friends went to lose their virginity.” Friends, I am going to tell you how to lose your Ios virginity. But I’m not promising to tell you where.

An Overdue Dearth of Chic

Met these Americans at the airport in Athens. Said Santorini was nice but they couldn’t turn around for fear of having their eyes poked out by someone’s selfie stick. So I say to them maybe you need to go someplace without a volcanic crater. And without selfie sticks.