On Losing My Ryanair Virginity

My principal fear is that it will never be as good as the first time. True, I never intended to fly Ryanair, the Irish low-cost carrier that has generated more passenger horror stories than perhaps any other airline today barring United. Recent work assignments tethering me to Greece, I had sworn silent allegiance to Aegean Airlines, which is now more or less the official carrier of Greece. Supporting the Greek economy, yadda yadda. But after flying Ryanair #3565 non-stop from Thessaloniki (SKG) to Copenhagen (CPH), I’m not so sure. After all, mistaking brand loyalty for a virtue is slightly un-capitalistic, no? … Continue reading On Losing My Ryanair Virginity

Is this the brightest gem in Portugal?

New Yorkers,  if you’ve had it with snow and snarled traffic, Lisbon, the closest major European city to New York, is a short plane ride away. Lisbon is chock-full of the museums and cultural treasures befitting a large European city. I am proud to say that during my brief time there, I partook of none of them, choosing instead to wander the twisting streets lined with pastel-pink and lime-green houses, plaintive fado music emanating from many of them, ducking into bakeries to sample fried chicken dumplings and bacalao (fried balls of codfish, potatoes, and garlic), and drinking in views of … Continue reading Is this the brightest gem in Portugal?