NY Times thinks Israeli bakery is in Tehran

Hello New York Times, Hello New York Times? This?


Today’s home page of The New York Times brazenly misidentifies a photo of a coffee shop in Tel Aviv or perhaps Petah Tikva, Israel, as being in Tehran. You know, the Tehran in Iran, the Land Formerly Known as Persia that in its present rueful iteration would very much like to see Israel “wiped off the map.”

But this is what we’ve come to expect from today’s New York Times, which wastes yet more digital ink by giving some to blowhard lib-boob Peter Beinart, who never had anything relevant to say about the State of Israel and continues, judging by today’s dumbass “headline” of his next to the pic of the fake Iranian-Israeli coffee shop, to have nothing relevant to say about the State of Israel. People who go to Israel for two days once a year on J Street-sponsored freebie fam trips tend to know as much about Israel as Trump knows about French symbolist poetry.

The paper will always make room for self-hating Jewish tirades against the only decent country in the Middle East today—because New York Jews are ersatz Jewry at best.

In another annoyances, some piece of digital merde crossed our desks from the odious Hyatt hotels:


Hyatt, the hotels that happily gouge customers for a bottle of mineral water and are now so committed to “global care and cleanliness,” whatever that means, that they can’t resist the urge to trumpet more of their ridiculous points B.S. in the same missive. Memo to #Hyatt: no one’s very much interested in the points and miles racket anymore—if you fail to see how that monkey business was antithetical to travel in the first place then maybe, Hyatt, you should get out of the hotel business: yesterday is no longer in fashion.

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