Airbnb-face: Airbnb “leverages” racism to be…even more stupid?

If there’s anything Che doesn’t like more than former lawyers or financial types who suddenly fancy themselves writers, poets or human beings, it’s Airbnb, the California company run by idiots, for idiots. I mean to go any further would be impolitic, but that hasn’t stopped some people:

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 12.03.20 AM

According to some boneheaded project announcement, Airbnb “will racially use first names and profile photos from hosts and guests to help us understand the ‘perceived’ race someone might associate with them.” In other words, in the name of stamping out perceived racism, Airbnb has just embarked on a grand experiment in actual racism. Shareholders must be thrilled.

Now, well-intentioned racial profiling is about what one could expect from a Karen-like class-1 a-hole like Brian Joseph Chesky, who built Airbnb on a lie, as we have exclusively revealed, and we just smh when we see this schlub interviewed on the future of travel with such insightful remarks as “travel will never be the same after this.” Thank so much, Brian, that meant so much coming from you.

Do we think Airbnb is really racist, by the way? Nah,  just intentionally racist. But it’s for reasons of greater important that the company should be investigated for questionable business practices and be placed in receivership. Because making bank off people renting out their homes should be illegal—buying off “liberal” congressmen so you can continue your little adventures in fee generation and virtue signaling with no scrutiny of either doesn’t change that. You’re a phony pony, Mr. Chesky.

Now go and enjoy the rest of your online kindergarten finishing school.