Daily Beast’s “Barbie” Girl Botches Story on “American travelers”

First off a flashback to our all time favorite story about Daily Beast owner Barry Diller:



Like a good SNL sketch that doesn’t include Alec Baldwin we just can’t get enough of that classic little Gawker truth bomb. Mr. Diller’s scrupulousness and moral rectitude never cease to amaze us.

Now then, why would anyone not notice how the ersatz news website that is the stupidly named “Daily Beast” is nothing more than the shrimp-like Mr. Diller’s weaponization of a digital space to lob spears in the general direction of his New York nemesis, Mr. Donald J. Trump?

Case in point, this piece of donkey dribble from Rome-based slacker Barbie Latza Nadeau—is that even a name? we haven’t heard anything so turd-flushingly ridonkulous since Libby Gelman-Waxner, and at least that bitch could make you laugh. But the disservice Barbie has done to Americans and the truth is no laughing matter.

What Barbie does is give her two-centime take on European Union travel guidelines that haven’t even been adopted yet. She tries to make it seem like she’s got a scoop, but these guidelines have been public knowledge for days. The bottom line? In the process of parsing unratified E.U. guidelines to serve her own anti-American biases and nourish the political aims of her Trump-hating boss, Barry Diller (well we imagine she’s not actually on staff, but Diller through his holding company Interactive Corp signs her checks), Ms. Nadoo and Diller traduce their readers and have actually published lies. That is the real definition of fake news. Hear it:

  1. The possible creation of “travel bubbles” and the ability of Americans or Canadians to travel to most countries is mutually exclusive. In other words, Nadoo’s insinuation that Americans will be “unwelcome” is based more on her moronic misreading of the facts as they are currently known than the truth.  She deliberately conflates the idea of the “health passport” (i.e. medical clearances) with actual passports simply because she and her boss have that anti-Trump axe to grind. Sad!
  2. “Israel has recently emerged as a demographic” that adores both nations [Greece and Cyprus] as holiday destinations”? Not quite. Israel has “adored” both nations since a very long time. It actually goes beyond “adoration”. The countries have strategic ties as well. Also, Israel is not a demographic. Israel is a country.
  3. She (he? it? them? that name!) continues…”But none of the plans account for Americans or other foreign nationals who have residency in any of the corona corridor countries, according to a European Union travel expert who helped draft the plan who spoke to The Daily Beast on the condition of anonymity until the report is officially released.” Against that quite stunning obfuscation, let’s just say it loud and clear: if your “source” insists on remaining anonymous and you run with the quote anyway, you are not a trustworthy reporter.

You could be, however, a servant and foot soldier of Barry Diller and his flaccid little Daily Beast.