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Pity that failing New York Times…because I think this is what happens when you have a bunch of editors who are so obsessed on  gassing up the impeachment machine that accurate reporting just falls by the wayside—across the board.

I’m not saying that the Times is reporting that a nice restaurant outside of Tel Aviv is brand new, but the paper’s Debra Kamin does very deceptively through a headline “Looking Beyond Tel Aviv for Israel’s New Restaurant Scene” create the impression that the highlighted restaurant, Helena in Caesarea, is new. Sorry Debra but like fetch, that just isn’t happening.

Truth? Helena was new when I reported on it first, back in 2012.  And yes it was very good, if not spectacular, but that’s not the point. The Times’ reporting is simply in the category of wishful thinking on the part of the writer. This is a prime example of how hype is manufactured and like a Caesar salad served with anchovies when we said no anchovies, we’re sending it back.

As mentioned: when a newspaper pours most of its energy into partisan screed, you can expect errors like this one to multiply.  Sad — because you can eat very well indeed in Tel Aviv, without having to wander aimlessly (and expensively) around the Plain of Sharon looking mainly in vain for creative New Israeli cooking.

Next thing you know, the Times will be tryna tel you that the hottest new hotels in Tel Aviv are actually in Jericho. I mean

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