NIGHTFLUB! Another Tel Aviv Hot Spot Tanks

Sources are reporting with only partial accuracy that a famous nightclub in the center of Tel Aviv has closed, to be replaced by a ‘Jewish values center’ (whatever that means?).

However, these news reports are flake news, and represent half-baked reporting at best because the former Pussycat Club building was not always home of the Pussycat Club. For a good chunk of time around 2012-2014, when the weird round structure was not just sitting derelict, it served as a good old-fashioned nightclub, no strippers or pole dancing included. In fact, our featured image is taken during that time—you’ll notice it’s just people dancing. Which is what you tend to do at a club, right?

Our problem with the Times of Israel’s (and others’) obfuscation of the chronology of this iconic if ugly Tel Aviv edifice is that it frames the current situation, reported legal wrangles notwithstanding, as a black-and-white thing, sort of either you have a strip club (bad!) or ‘values center’ (good!).

Well, it’s not black and white and all, and Tel Aviv, a city that waves rainbow flags with uncommon pride, should know better than to let a ‘family-values’ drift take hold. Because contrary to the implication of what the values guy dude quoted in the T.O.I. article (and btw, I’m not your toi)  says, nightclubbing is not about exploitation. Maybe a strip club is or was, but the reason that most people bother to go to Tel Aviv is to taste some of that hedonism, not to get a heap of Jewish family values shoved down their throats. Why, there’s NBC for that, #ha.

Anyway, as a measure of how good a club this place was when it was a nightclub -— the pre-stripper joint one — we can’t even remember its name. Can you?