Cruising in Crete: What You Need to Know

Some of the most iconic spots on the long Greek island of Crete, such as Balos Lagoon (pictured) are best reached by boat — for that, check out Cretan Daily Cruises.

There are some reviews of the boat excursions here. This is a mass tourism journey to a remote area, with all the pros and cons that come along with that, but one thing I can vouch for in some of those reviews is the smoking, because it’s a problem.

We all know that Eurotrash tend to be smokers—most British and North Americans have kind of moved on from tobacco already—but that doesn’t mean their vile habit should be allowed to ruin other peoples’ experience. Basically, anywhere you happen to be on any part of the outside decks is prone to being polluted by the Eurotrashers’ cigarette smoke. It’s toxic, it’s ugly, it’s a fire hazard, and it should not be tolerated.

The new Greek government is starting to address the problem of cigarette smoke, and a solution can’t come quickly enough. But let’s start with the ships, please.

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