Gigi Hadid Robbed in Mykonos — After Mykonos Mayor Asked for More Police

Gigi Hadid, the pro-Palestinian model-type entity who for reasons that only Anna Wintour could understand conflates “working” her ass off with flaunting it in the selfies no one asked for, says she was just robbed on the Greek island of Mykonos.

See the petulant millennial’s sort of interesting, but characteristically self-absorbed Instagram post here.

Now we all know that millennials, who clutch “researched” Buzzfeed listicles like latter-day pearl necklaces and/or (cue the anti-Trump screed) pitchforks, have a little narcissism problem. Whatever. Not as well-known is that the mayor of Mykonos, Dimitris Tzanos, urgently called for more police on the party island just last month.

According to the newspaper Kathimerini, the mayor “Lamented that the holiday island, which receives some 2 million tourists a year, ‘feels abandoned by the state,’ and added that the response has been ‘unsatisfactory.'”

Where does this leave our beloved Gigi? Well, someplace other than Mykonos, apparently. Will she join Miley Cyrus on the shores of Lake Como?

We don’t really know and god knows we don’t care, and we wish her all the best on her “working her ass off”-while-actually-doing-nothing-journey, but one thing is clear: with Gigi and her posse off the island, looks like there will be a little more elbow room at Scorpios this summeryaass!