World’s Finest Foodie Hotel Opens in Athens Greece

What happens in Thessaloniki, doesn’t necessarily stay in Thessaloniki — because Ergon House, one of that city’s most fabled purveyors of gourmet goodies, has flung open its doors in the Greek capital in a pretty monumental way.


They’ve dispensed with the boundaries between a great meal and sweet dreams. “It’s a bit like a night in the museum,” as they say.


Situated at the foot of the Acropolis in the historical heart of Athens, Ergon House is a seventh heaven for food enthusiasts, complete with ‘rooms above the inn’. They have conceived a spectacular marketplace, a modern-day Agora with a constellation of greengrocers, a butcher’s, fishmonger’s and bakery, a delicatessen and roastery, along with a bar and restaurant which celebrate the best of Greek cuisine culture. And they have expanded on the unique experience of an epicurean boutique hotel by creating cool common ground in which to cook and lounge, a gym for good conscience, as well as a roof terrace planted with olive trees that has unbeatable views of the city.


Did I mention that the entrance area features a floor to (very high) ceiling mural by renowned Athenian street artist INO? And don’t get me started on the food.



Well, not yet…