#Overtourism Overdrive: Santorini’s Airport Set to Triple in Size

What? That’s right: Santorini’s infamously sardine-can sized little airport is set to triple in size, from the current 4,500 square meters to 15,600 square meters.

So says Giorgos Vilos, the commercial and corporate development director at Fraport, the (oddly, really) German-led entity that operates 14 airports around Greece.

Not reported is that the tiny island — just 30 square miles, or slightly larger than Manhattan — is not expected to grow in size anytime time. Absent another volcanic explosion that could presumably restore to the island some of the acreage hat the most famous eruption there ripped away from its core a few millennia ago, creating the caldera that is the principle reason tourists from all over the world flock to Santorini.

Most of whom spend three times as much on average per night what it would probably cost at a comparable hotel on another Greek island, and many of whom mistake snapping six selfies and leaving for some kind of cultural enrichment. As Donald Trump might say, #sad!

And sad it is. Our assessment is that Fraport’s dunderheaded move will be the final nail in the coffin of Santorini’s sad status as Mediterranean poster child for overtourism as we head toward 2020. Enough is enough! And frankly enough to make you want to trade in your trip for a virtual visit and go to Mykonos instead.

Well, almost.



Featured image of Santorini from above courtesy the author.