This “Micro” Hotel Room in New York City Could Cost You $721…For One Night!

#AREYOUBEINGSCREWED? It has recently come to our attention that a traveler forked over $600 to spend one night at the Arlo NoMad hotel in New York City.  The size of the room, like most in the newish glass tower hotel in the madcap midsection of Manhattan checks in at about 150 square feet, or in California terms, about the size of a thimble.

How does a room so tiny command such an extortionate price tag? Oh, something about there being a conference in town or something like that (#LAMEUNJUSTIFIEDEXCUSES). Thusly does an admittedly decent but seriously size-challenged room that’s worth about $75 in real terms get jacked up to north of $600…because then there’s an unjustified but obligatory 14.75% New York City hotel tax, then an unwarranted but mandatory $3.50

Is this really necessary? Paying for the privilege of getting dizzy over Manhattan.

daily city occupancy tax, and on top of all that a $29 “urban fee,”  so you can, um, work out in the gym that the hotel doesn’t even have, and maybe grab a glass of mediocre wine at the “free” wine hour and ah, maybe take a breath of air in this effortlessly sanctimonious vertical millennial lair.  Oh yeah and get “free” access to the unremarkable roof deck — because you live in a cave and have never been on a roof deck before. Yikes.

Many apartment buildings in Manhattan have roof decks prettier and more interesting than this.

Only in New York, tripquake kids, only in New York…

Did I mention that one Aperol Spritz at the bar could set you back $18? Knock back a few of those…which are like Cokes in Italy, i.e. not designer drinks in the least…with tip and we’re already north of $760 for just one night in this plush version of millennial hell.

For that kind of dough, you could probably get yourself a decent round-trip airfare and a great night here. Yeah New York, sorry but, you kind of suck right now.