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TRUE TQ CONFESSION: The very idea of Spetses made us a little uneasy at first. Its history of real royalty stood in stark contrast to the stream of pop princesses that make their annual pilgrimage to Mykonos, which in Greek island terms is a million miles away from here. But this little green island in the Argosaronic Gulf started to win us over almost instantly: we hate taxis but love it when you can walk from whatever your point of disembarkation is to wherever your final destination happens to be. Case in point, the Poseidonion Grand Hotel. The ferry from Piraeus deposits you at the little harbor you see at the above right, and then you walk five minutes to the hotel (above center). Where you are welcomed with a glass of cold lemonade spiked with — mmm, what’s that? — a touch of thyme honey. You just got there and honey, you’re already hooked.

Antoine says: “The Poseidonion is now closed for the off-season, but at Tripquake we’re still on (and we have the crates of Greek instant coffee to prove it!).  Need to start planning your next trip to Greece, Israel, Cyprus or perhaps somewhere in between? We can save you hours of fruitless online searching. Put our vast winged conspiracy of the best hotel, restaurant and cultural attractions to work for your own professional or pleasure purposes. We’ll craft a winning itinerary for you and we’ll do it for under $10, too.”

Want to know more? Drop us a line here and someone will get back to you within one business day.


Did we mention exclusive discounts at some of the best boutique hotels? Yep, those too.











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