Norwegian Needs a New In-flight Magazine

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Well, if whoever’s responsible for the raptor porn can put down their stuff long enough, they might find other inspiration here.


Were Jen and Justin just seen on this beach in Cyprus?

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No: despite the rumors Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, who are from now on as a couple as much a part of ancient history as the love goddess Aphrodite who rose from the sea foam here to cavort and desport, were actually splashing around the Bahamas.


Before the split, that is.


Flights to and from Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport Briefly Suspended

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Due to a military incident involving Israel and Syria, flights into and out of Ben Gurion International Airport were briefly suspended Saturday, Israeli media reported.

Immediately following the incident, in which an Israeli F-16 jet was shot down by Syrian fire,  civilian airspace over northern Israel was shut down.  The flight suspensions at Ben Gurion, much to the south of the Israeli-Jordanian-Syrian border area, lasted less than an hour.

Some 90 percent of travelers entering and leaving Israel do so through Ben Gurion. During the Gaza war (called Operation Protective Edge in Israel)  in summer 2014, the FAA issued a ban on flights to Ben Gurion that lasted 48 hours, however the airport was never officially closed. Missiles fired from Gaza came close to the airport prompting some airlines such as El Al to alter their flight paths until a cessation of hostilities.